Start-up Advice

Start-up Advice
Elon Musk

3 Tips For Starting A Company In An Unfamiliar Industry

Launching a company within an industry you know nothing about? (Like Elon Musk did). No, you're not crazy.

10 Things You Must Do Before Quitting Your Job To Start Your Company

You have a dream but you need a checklist to achieve it.

3 Ways To Set Your Side Hustle Up For Success

Challenges include lacking resources, funding or losses that you have to spend time recouping. But with a little creativity, you will be able to mitigate risk and maintain steady, albeit slow, growth.
Ross Drakes

[PODCAST] Ross Drakes, Owner Nice Work, – How To Hustle For Your Money

Matt Brown chats to Ross Drakes about the realities of managing cashflow of a business and shares little known tactics and tips for entrepreneurs so they always get paid and keep the doors open.

Sisa Ngebulana’s 8 Lessons For Forging Success

Sisa Ngebulana, the founder of Rebosis, SA’s first black-managed and substantially held property fund to be listed on the JSE, reveals the mindset that helped him win against all odds.

Do You Own Your Shares? You Might Not

When purchasing and transferring shares in a private company, make sure you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, before later claims are made to your hard-earned success.

5 Steps That Helped Innovative Marketing Take The Leap

Launching a business is all about recognising a gap in the market — and then capitalising on it.

A 4-Step Guide To Realistically Pursuing Your Passion

Don't let your search for a dream job drive you crazy.

How To Manage The Magic Triangle Of Product, Budget And Audience

Creating a successful product that is affordable and appealing to your audience but that still puts profit on your bottom line is a balancing act, according to Geoff Prissman, director and co-founder of Slo-Jo, creators of tailor-made taste sensations for South African restaurants and hospitality outlets.

Is Your Start-Up Fundable?

Money can make the difference between success and failure. Can your start-up’s IP attract the right investors?

Trademark Your Business Or Suffer The Consequences

Your business cannot do without a trademark in today’s competitive environment. Here’s why.

Alan Knott-Craig Answers Your Burning Start-Up Questions

Readers took the opportunity to "Ask Al" some start-up questions. How do you get rid of an unwanted partner that has a 20% shareholding in...

Why Building a Business is Just Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Put the pieces of your business together smartly to make it stronger than the sum of its parts.

4 Vital Ingredients To Create Your Business’ Secret Sauce

Insider insights on what makes start-ups great, competitive and poised for growth — and how your start-up can emulate them.

Entrepreneurs and the Power of Persistence

Persistence is about finding new and creative solutions to unexpected or inevitable problems.

5 Startup Lessons That Could Have Saved Me 5 Years

Want to overcome some of the hurdles of starting a business? These tips will help you reach the finish line faster.

8 Milestones You Need To Reach Before You’re Ready To Scale

Is it the idea? The team? The will to keep pushing forward? The money? It’s all of these things, working together.

3 Crucial Questions To ‘Fail Proof’ Your New Business Idea

Risk is inherent but minimising it is pretty much common sense, when you stop to think about it.


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