Case Studies

Case Studies

How AutoTrader Anticipated Change

AutoTrader South Africa is an online behemoth, boasting more than three million visitors each month. Not that long ago, though, the brand faced the very real possibility of extinction.

10 People Who Became Wildly Successful After Facing Rejection

Maybe failing isn't always such a bad thing, as these well-known individuals prove.

Nick Bell: In Search Of A Billion-Rand Business Model

By recognising the limitations of his business model, a young entrepreneur developed an innovative new solution to scale his business. Here’s how Nick Bell, founder of Decision Inc, took a R30 million business that had reached its growth ceiling, and scaled it into a R100 million business and counting.
Gerard-Marais-Success-Stories-Entrepreneur Video

(Video) Entrepreneurs’ Best Moments

MWEB chats to a couple 'treps about some of their best entrepreneurial moments so far.

Game Over: Yashwin Mohan

An entrepreneur who had the nerve to pitch an idea to Richard Branson is reaping the benefits.
How To Make Millions

Entrepreneurs Who Turned Hobbies into Million-Dollar Businesses

Three entrepreneurs who turned their hobbies into businesses.
Luvuyo Rani

Silulo Ulutho Technologies: Luvuyo Rani

A Khayelitsha-based company adjusts its business model — twice — to suit the market, and reaps its rewards.
Antonio Pooe

Exactech: Antonio Pooe

Keeping expenses down is critical for all businesses, and has been a contributor to the growth of cyber forensics company, Exactech.

Cognician: Barry and Patrick Kayton

Creating a market from scratch is incredibly difficult. But if the solution is right, it’s not impossible.

Motribe:Nic Haralambous and Vincent Maher

Timing, experience and a gap in the market come seamlessly together for the founders of social networking platform, Motribe.

Brand Inscentives: Gillian and Darryl Meiring

A husband and wife team realises that even the best, most innovative product won’t sell itself.

Yuppiechef: Paul Galatsis, Andrew Smith and Shane Dryden

An online retail store delivers more to its customers than just the hottest cooking gadgets.

Lemon Décor: Ricky and Kevin Frankental

Two brothers focus on providing solutions and excellent service to differentiate themselves in a price-competitive industry.
Smart Kunene

Easy Security: Smart Kunene

Real business acumen isn’t knowing everything — it’s understanding where your gaps are and filling them.
Thuli Sithole

Uthukon Concierge: Thuli Sithole

Thuli Sithole uses her organisational skills, the fact that she is well-travelled, and her perfectionist streak, to organise her clients’ lives.
Grant Rushmere

Bos: Grant Rushmere

A start-up with no budget takes on established players with big budgets.
Yossi Hasson

Synaq: Yossi Hasson

IT giant Internet Solutions acquires stake in local Linux business, Synaq.
Jules Newton

Avocado Vision: Finding Fortune at the Bottom

Doing well by doing good has seen this foresighted entrepreneur’s business grow during a time of worldwide economic turmoil.

Bizcommunity: Andre Rademan and Ken van Ginkel

The founders of Bizcommunity spotted a gap in the market and created an online success story. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in South Africa’s marketing, advertising and media sectors who is not a subscriber. With more than 3,4 million page views per month, it’s the go-to portal for everybody who wants to know what’s happening in these industries.
Andy Higgins of Bid or Buy

Bidorbuy: Andy Higgins

Bidorbuy has more than 1,1 million unique visitors, around 700 000 items for sale and 80 000 successful sales every month. Not bad for a business that had its origins on the floor of a London flat, bombed in the crash and survived the local Internet drought.


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