Lessons Learnt

Lessons Learnt

Security Sector Sucess In Africa With Securitas SA

Until 2009, Securitas had no presence in South Africa. Today it’s a large and respected local player. Here’s how the company posted extraordinary growth in record time by having the courage to make some very bold moves.

Customers Will Pay For Amazing Experiences – If You Deliver Explains Karabo Sepharatla

Karabo Sepharatla understands that at the end of the day, people will pay you for amazing experiences – you just need to know how to deliver what they want. Here’s how he found a niche and is living his passions because of it.

Don’t Let People Dissuade You from Following your Dream – Polo Leteka Radebe

Entrepreneur, investor and Dragons’ Den judge Polo Leteka Radebe shares her views on entrepreneurship.

Talk About Been There Done That: From Advertising To The T-Shirt Business

Here are 9 tips for turning a dying business into a profitable one.

7 Business Tips From The 3 Way Marketing Group Founders

Lessons learnt from Tom Goldgamer and Danny Aaron of 3 Way Marketing and Benater Production Group.

Form Follows Function With South African Interior Design Company, Form Design

In only its fourth year of operation, Form Design is on track to generate R25 million in revenue this year. What makes this particularly impressive, is that the company is able to do this while generating very few expenses. Founders Tashi Krost and Ricky Silberman don’t even have any employees.

Less Than 10 Years Got 3 Way Marketing Crashing Through Glass Ceilings

Tom Goldgamer and Danny Aaron have never borrowed a cent; they’ve funded all their growth internally, and their business model is 100% risk- based – which means they take on all the marketing risk, and clients only pay for results (in the form of hot leads or sales). It’s a big upfront cost for the company, but one that’s paid off in spades. Today the Benater Production Group is the holding company for 14 separate companies, has impressive year-on-year growth and a turnover of R200 million per year – all achieved in under ten years.

How Majozi Bros Construction Built Their Business, One Brick At A Time

The only thing that falls from the sky is rain, say the founders of construction and property development company, Majozi Bros. For everything else, you’ve got to work hard, never take no for an answer, and create your own opportunities.

How Blue Label Telecoms Manages Stratospheric Growth Without Losing The Entrepreneurial Edge

The founders of multi-billion rand business, Blue Label Telecoms discuss the realities of taking your business public.

Business Growth For SweepSouth Means Metric Measurement

Growth takes work, and that means finding and measuring the metrics that will move your business forward.

DigiCash Believes To Have The Best And Brightest Employees You Need To Create A...

It’s important to hire the right people, but your responsibility doesn’t end there. Even excellent employees require support.

Bankrupt And Dreams In Tatters: How Sheree O’ Brien’s Self-Belief Drove Her To Success

In her teens, Sheree o’Brien worked two jobs to fund her start-up dreams. But then one bad decision left her in massive debt and her dreams in tatters.

Naadiya Moosajee’s Overriding Purpose Is Driven By Her Passion

Balancing multiple businesses and corporate roles takes focus, dedication and purposeful passion — but if you have the right attitude, it’s amazing how much you can achieve.

What The Concept Phase Really Means To Alex Van Tonder

Wanting it all is one thing — making it work is another. Alex van Tonder manages to balance her work as a brand expert, a social media doyenne, and a gutsy thriller writer.

8 Pertinent Lessons Bos Tea Learnt That You Should Ponder

Bos Tea took some seriously calculated risks when they launched the premium iced tea brand, and they learnt some valuable lessons along the way.

27four Investment Managers Aren’t Afraid Of The Big Boys

Entrepreneur spoke to founder Fatima Vawda about how she managed to build the company into a business with a turnover of R80 million in less than a decade.

6 Of The Most Profitable Small Businesses In South Africa

Zero to 100 million in only a few years, we take a look at South Africa’s start-ups that have grown from fledglings to million rand businesses.

Grant Rushmere Is Going Bos With Iced Tea

Grant Rushmere had big plans for Bos. He was aiming for only one thing: The all-in, both feet in the water, jumping-out-of-an-aeroplane-without-a-parachute-and-planning-to-learn-how-to-fly-on-the-way-down kind of growth. In other words, a story that’s the stuff of legend.

For Vusi Thembekwayo Obsession Is Crucial To Success

Entrepreneur and business speaker Vusi Thembekwayo is probably best known as a dragon on the local version of Dragons’ Den, but his sphere of influence extends well beyond that. He has become a sought-after global speaker who inspires thousands of people every year with his keen insights.

5 Lessons From tashas Founder Natasha Sideris

Business lessons from tashas Founder Nastasha Sideris to help your business journey.


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