Gigs And Giggles: Comedic Duo Goliath And Goliath Are Living The Dream

If comedy wins, we win. That’s the mantra of Goliath and Goliath, who have not only taken the comedy world by storm, but are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles into corporate gigs, training, running comedy shows and venues… anything and everything that they can add their talent, flair and ambition to.

How BrightRock Is Rocking The (Industry) Boat In Only 5 Years Since Launch

In a mere five years, BrightRock has managed to carve out a strong position for itself in the fiercely competitive insurance industry. How has the company so successfully taken on powerful and entrenched competitors?

Makanda Finance Proves That You Can Start A Business With No Capital

Mohamed Rasivhetshela launched an innovative micro-finance business with no capital of his own – just a smart business idea and the patience to grow strong foundations.

Swopinfo Is Harnessing The Power Of The Network Effect

A local start-up aims to harness the power of the network effect to create a new platform essential to local business owners, professionals and organisations.

10 Young Entrepreneurs Under 30 Share Their Start-Up Secrets

The future of entrepreneurship has never looked so bright...these young entrepreneurs share their wisdom around building a successful business.

Entrepreneur BB Moloi’s Inspiring Story of Rise To Success Through Grit And Hard Work

BB Moloi has worked hard for every inch of success he’s achieved in his life. He’s no stranger to working multiple jobs and 18-hour work days. That dedication has seen his entrepreneurial dreams come to life.

ReWare Did One Crucial Thing That Most Entrepreneurs Are Too Afraid To Do

If you want your product to sell, make sure it aligns with your target audience’s wants and needs.

Mobile App Cancer Dojo Is Kicking Cancer’s Ass

Cancer survivor uses marketing expertise to create a playful platform for helping to beat cancer.

South Africa Is Becoming Africa’s Fintech Hub

As South Africa is already the financial hub of Africa and has a vibrant tech sector, it is a logical progression for the nation to also develop into Africa’s leading centre for fintech.

How Fashion Start-Up ToVch Built A Brand Presence With Only A Little Budget

A young, self-taught fashion designer from Soweto, Thabo Khumalo markets his start-up online without a big budget.

BOUNCE Business Backflips Into SA

The BOUNCE business concept is springing into action as the business grows and develops from it's launch in 2015. We catch up with Shaun and Nicolle to learn more about their start-up.

Sigma Capital Is Built On Not Settling For Less

Former CEO of the Shanduka Group Phuti Mahanyele doubled the firm’s assets to R8 billion in five years and launched her own investment firm, Sigma Capital in 2015, all while surviving a stroke two years ago.

Reel Gardening Warns That Innovation Is Never Easy

A young Johannesburg entrepreneur’s invention of a simple way for people to grow vegetables took a long time to flourish, but its time has come.

6 Epic Quotes From Absa Cape Epic Founder Kevin Vermaak

Kevin Vermaak has managed to turn an 8-day mountain bike stage race into a renowned international brand. But it wasn’t easy. Although the Absa...

How Balkan Burger Filled a Niche… and a Lot of Stomachs

Bojan and Lidija Ivanovic, founders of Balkan Burger, started their business for less than R5 000. Thanks to exposure at markets, they’re now busy every day of the week, and have become successful niche caterers.

Why Yappo Was Built To Sell

Stuart Minnaar launched Yappo while he was studying at UCT. He’s won start-up funds, secured angel investment and has even been approached by a multinational to sell the business. Here are his tips for building a start-up that others want to invest in – and even buy.

Social Innovation: Walk a Mile in Vosk Shoes

Forrest Gump’s mama said shoes can tell a lot about a person. But millions around the world, especially children, can’t afford them. Find out how Wesley Vos is making money and doing good with a ‘buy one, give one’ policy.

How Millennial William Thubakgale Saw a Niche and Took the Gap

Youngster from Jozi, William Thubakgale takes on industry problems... from his dorm room with his start-up QPLAY MUSIC.

Painting a Different Picture of Africa – I See A Different You

Young, creative South Africans are showing the world a new way to see the continent.

Justin Smith: The Bionic Man Never Says Never

Entrepreneur, Justin Smith, who was told he’d never walk again has dedicated his life to helping others do just that with his start-up Just Walk Bionics.


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