Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Support for Women Entrepreneurs
Business support and directories for women entrepreneurs.

Here are five of the lessons Allyson Downey learnt from her experience and research.

If we can create a tech industry in South Africa and the rest of the continent that is seen as welcoming towards women, gender equalities could diminish significantly in the space of a generation.

Discover the secrets of these ten innovative women entrepreneurs who have built highly successful SA businesses, while juggling family responsibilities.

Meet five of our QuickBooks/Entrepreneur/Saturday Star Mompreneur entrants. This is what they had to say about their Mompreneur endeavours.

To the multitasking mother - you can add this to your to do list.

Established woman entrepreneur Olatorera Oniru, CEO shares essential strategies for growing a very successful business rapidly.

Female entrepreneurs are growing in numbers, but without access to appropriate funding many start-ups will find it difficult to grow their businesses, regardless of whether there’s a man or woman at the helm. Fortunately, access to funds for female entrepreneurs is improving thanks to government and private enterprises.

Women in the workplace want to make an impact worth remembering.

Donna Rachelson, well known speaker and Author of her latest book - Play To Win, asks South Africans to look at the gender pay gap for 2015.

There's a new kind of entrepreneur on the rise, it's the new wave of momtrepreneurs.

Millennial women are the next leaders in the workplace. Businesses need to sit up and take note of what they can bring to the mix.

The business woman constantly juggles different roles in both the home and work space. The trick is to build your confidence brand.
Mentors offering a female entrepreneur support

Recent studies have shown that more and more women are starting their own businesses, but that they face a number of challenges in doing so.
Female entrepreneur amongst male entrepreneurs

The number of women entrepreneurs in South Africa continues to grow, but the increase is not at a level it should be due to the higher number of challenges they face in comparison to male entrepreneurs.
Chest filled with coins

While research has shown that most women entrepreneurs bootstrap their businesses in the early start-up stages, many require external funding to grow their businesses.
Graphs and Statistics

Find out what women are currently doing in the world of business.


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