Am I stupid to turn down a VC investor?

Bootstrapping your business initially will pay dividends down the line.

How can I get innovative about funding?

There is an increase in the availability of funding mechanisms for innovation .

Please help me find funding for my new venture?

You don’t have to rely just on a bank for funding, there are other sources too.

Is funding the start-up cure-all that we tend to think it is?

Access to funding is often seen as a barrier to starting a business, however it can spur you on to greater success.

If I can’t get a loan, would I qualify for a business cash advance...

It is often easier to get a business cash advance than it is a loan.

Is it a good idea to borrow start-up money from family and friends?

If your bank won’t lend you money, you can try family and friends, but tread very carefully.

Is my company a good investment prospect?

Reducing risk will attract investors.

Why isn’t money everything?

While you will need a few core ingredients to launch a business and then make a success of it, lots of funding is not one of them.

How long should I keep trying to find funding?

Perseverance is key, you need to keep applying and exploring new avenues.

Please help me impress funders?

You need to do your homework before approaching funders. We tell you how.

How should I fund the purchase of an existing business?

How to fund purchasing an existing business.

How to find an angel investor to back my business idea?

Finding an angel investor to back your business.

I would like to find a venture capitalist to fund my start-up idea, but...

VC funding can be a great way to launch and grow a business, provided you find the right investor, and your idea has merit.

I want to apply for a loan for my business. How can I ensure...

How to ensure you receive the loan you need for your business.

I have a fantastic business idea, but I can’t get an investor to take...

How to get an investor to take an interest in your business idea.

I have a great idea for a new venture. How do I decide who...

Deciding who to approach for business capital can range between banks and person-to-person loans.


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