Hiring & Managing Staff

Hiring & Managing Staff

What personality traits and qualifications do head hunters look for?

The age cut-off depends on the skills set the executive has to offer.

How important is internal communication in my business?

Is internal communication a fuzzy nicety, or will it really make an impact on my bottom line if I focus resources on it?

Will flexi-time isolate staff if it means working at different hours/locations ?

Home-working can be isolating and distracting, which is why we advocate the use of convenient business lounges and campus offices instead.

Does flexi-time make it harder to keep tabs on staff?

Keeping an eye on staff doing flexi-time.

Is it really critical to have an HR department in a small business?

HR can play a crucial role in your business’s ability to compete. It shapes the business structure through talent attraction, retention and development.

What should I ask a potential new hire?

Getting creative with your interview questions can help you identify the perfect person for your business.

Is there value in an exit interview?

An exit interview can help improve your staff retention rate going forward.

Do I have to pay year-end bonuses?

Your employment contract should state whether you routinely pay bonuses or 13th cheques and you need to abide by that.

What important laws should I know that apply to employees?

As a business owner, you should familiarise yourself with legislation pertaining to staff.

How can I ensure my staff get the most out of training?

Have a plan in place to ensure the benefits of training are long-lasting.

Should I hire a contract worker or a full-time staff member?

There’s a clear legal distinction between a contractor and an employee.

What leave should my staff receive?

Your employees are entitled to certain types of leave under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

How can I teach my staff the value of good customer service?

If you teach your staff how to treat your customers, you’ll have happy customers that keep coming back.

As a business owner, I often feel like I don’t have the time to...

Getting your employees to pay more attention to your customers.

How do I give feedback to my staff effectively?

How to give positive enforcement to your employees.

My company is going to go through some changes soon to enhance its operations....

How to warn your staff of a change coming into the workplace.


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