How does the content in my email signature affect my brand?

How do your make your email stand out from the clutter?

What do I need to consider when putting together a marketing plan?

Have a look at these factors when putting together a marketing plan.

How do I make sure my website will add value to my business and...

There are a few important areas your web design agency should address

Can “bad publicity” actually help our business?

advice on controlling your bad publicity.

How do YouTube Ads work, and what will it cost me?

Using Youtube ads to benefit your business with these simple steps.

How do I conduct market research on a limited budget?

Ideas on conducting a market-related research for your business without breaking the bank.

How do I market my product without having to go through the normal avenues...

Gutsy ways to market your business by avoiding the norm.

How do I get feet through the door of my new restaurant?

Tips on driving word of mouth for a restaurant business.

When is the right time to start an online shop?

What you need to know when starting an online shop.

How do I conduct a proper customer survey?

Six tactics for getting the most out of customer surveys.

What’s the difference between marketing tactics and a marketing strategy?

Why you need to understand what your competitive advantage is before setting out to market your business.

Customers don’t see a clear distinction between us and our competitors, how can we...

So many companies say that their differentiator is great customer service. We believe that truly is our differentiator, but no one seems to care. How do we convince our clients that we’ll do more for them than our competitors?

How do I market my crowd-funding business?

Social media is a great affordable way to get publicity.

How do POPI and the Consumer Protection Act impact on my customer database?

You are legally obliged to protect your customers’ privacy.

What is geo-fencing?

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter that can be created around any physical location.

How do I choose which social media to use?

Match your social media to your target audience.

How can I make the most of my SMS campaigns?

There are steps you can take to improve the response rate to your SMS campaign.

Is mobile marketing worthwhile?

Mobile marketing is a must-have for most businesses.

Should my business have a PR strategy?

PR doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it can do a lot of good for your business.


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