If you have the ability to work with and make things with your hands then starting out in the manufacturing industry could be the first step to your new found success.

What happens to all those recycled cans anyway? Start an aluminium door and window manufacturing business and you'll find out.

Provide pizza places with the essentials.

Screen doors are too functional to go out of style. Low startup costs make this a great opportunity.

Put products together for businesses with a product assembly service.

Provide a service for clients that don't want to buy CDs in bulk.

Use creative carpentry skills to perfect playgrounds.

Sell your unique handbags to boutiques or directly to customers.

A great recycling venture, a scrap metal depot brings out the shine in eco-friendly businesses.

Rack up sales by giving customers a place to display their magazines.

Is your career clogged? Start a drainage repair business.

Separate yourself even further from the office doldrums with an office divider business.

Bring the outdoors in with driftwood and log furniture.

Popularity over greener modes of transportation increases the need for bike racks. What better place to advertise?

Looking for a new challenge in design and construction? Fitness equipment manufacturing is constantly upgraded.

Love to build things? Help supply custom packing crates to the booming shipping industry.

If you live by a large body of water, think about offering floating docks.

Cash in on the popularity of T-shirts by offering silk-screen printing.

The newest living space is outdoors. Now it's time to furnish it.

Turn this commonplace object into an adornment homeowners can show off.

The road to success may be lit with a welding business.


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