Business Plans

Business Plans
How to perform a competitor analysis

A Brief Guide to Competitor Analysis

Its essential that you know who your competitors are, which is why a competitor analysis is so necessary.
How to conduct a market analysis

How To Conduct a Market Analysis

Before you can complete your business plan you will need to know what your market is all about. Here's how to perform a market analysis.
How to design a business model.

Business Model Design

Now that you understand the concept behind a business model, find out how to design and create it.
What is a business model

What Is A Business Model

Find out exactly what a business model is and what it means to your business.
How to write a business plan

Simple Steps to Write a Business Plan

A business plan need not be a stressful process. Learn how to create a plan quickly yet effectively.
How to write a business plan for angel investors

Writing a Business Plan for Angel Investors

If you are approaching an angel investor for funding then you might want to write your business plan accordingly.
How to write your business plan

How To Write a Business Plan

What is a business plan? Why is it important? And how should you go about writing your plan?
Business plan mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Business Plan

Don't make these mistakes while writing your business plan during the start-up stage.
How to write a business plan

Business Planning in 10 Slides

How to write a business plan in 10 easy to understand steps.
Write a business plan for venture capital funding

Business Plan for VC Funding

Find out how to write a business plan that is specifically aimed at obtaining venture capital funding.
How to write a business plan

Components of a Marketable Business Plan

An investors perspective on what makes a business plan attractive.


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