Growing a Business

Growing a Business

Customer Service Quotes

Tips you will want to hang on your wall.

Trend Predictions for 2013

5 Predicted 2013 trends from social@Ogilvy.

Transform Customer Service

Improve customer experience, increase advocacy and retain more customers.

Social Media Meets Customer Care

How to use social media to rock customer service.

Talk To Your Customers

Break down the walls between your organisation and your customers.

Creating Devoted Customers

A guide to creating loyal customers.

International Growth Strategies

Learn how to expand your global reach.

How to Keep Retail Customers Loyal

5 Loyalty strategies for retail business owners.

Supercharging Your Event

Tips on how to make your event stand out.

What Your Customers Wish You Knew

10 things your clients wish you knew about them.

Ways to Thank your Customer

25 ways to show your customers that you appreciate them.

Growth Strategies for Start-Ups

What is growth hacking and how you can use it.

Understanding of Value

What is changing the way we think, identify and deliver?

Why Should Your Business Exist?

Why should your business exist? That is the core question to answer for any company. The presentation shows how you find the answers to this question.

Customer Relationship Management why Bother?

Understanding CRM and why it is important.

How to Get the Most Profit and Potential from your Business

Find out why a business strategy is so important to the growth and overall success of your business.

How To Create Devoted Customers

This slideshow explains how you can create customer loyalty now and always.
Lessons of Innovation

10 Lessons of Innovation

Innovation explained and why it is important as an entrepreneur.
Creating customer loyalty

7 Steps to Customer Loyalty

By creating customer loyalty, you are creating a future for your business.
Introduction to Scenario Planning

Introduction to Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a something every entrepreneur needs to do at some point, make sure you are planning correctly.


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