Calculate startup costs

Start-Up Costs Worksheet

The following two worksheets will help you to compute the initial cash requirements for your business.
Paper and highlighters

Mission Statement Worksheet

To develop an effective mission statement, ask yourself these three questions:
Personal balance and finances

Personal Balance Sheet Worksheet

By filling out a personal balance sheet, you will be able to determine your net worth – your first step to funding your business.
Business concept

Describing the Business Concept Worksheet

Utlising this worksheet will assist you to outline the basics of your business: the overall concept, industry you will operate in, customers you will serve.

Marketing Planning Checklist

Before you launch a marketing campaign, answer the following questions about your business and your product or service.
Industry analysis

Industry Analysis Worksheet

Use this checklist to help you define your position in your industry and identify possible niche markets for your product.
Lightbulb ideas

Business Idea Analysis Worksheet

This worksheet will help you analyse your new business idea and determine how successful you will be if you enter a given business and sell a given product.
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis Worksheet

This worksheet will help you define your competitors, pin-point their present position and outline their strengths and weaknesses.
Identifying Competitive Advantages

Identifying Competitive Advantages Worksheet

What are your competitive advantages? Use this worksheet to help you figure them out.
Product Marketing Scoresheet

Product Marketability Analysis Score Sheet

Find out whether your product is marketable.


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