Aluminium Door And Window Manufacturing

Aluminium Door And Window Manufacturing



Business At A Glance

  • Start-up Costs: $10,000 – $50,000
  • Home Based: Can be operated from home.
  • Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
  • Franchises Available? Yes
  • Online Operation? No

Business Overview

Manufacturing aluminium storm windows and doors is a relatively simple process that can even be conducted right from a well-equipped home-based workshop.

This business start-up will appeal to entrepreneurs with some construction and mechanical aptitude. Once again, aluminium storm windows and doors are easy to manufacture as the material required is referred to as extrusions.

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It is a simple process of cutting the window framing rails to length, wrapping the glass in a rubber gasket, and attaching the rails that are screw-fastened in the corners.

The same basic procedure is used for constructing both aluminium storm windows and doors. Additionally, glass cutting experience will also be required. However, this is also an easy trade to master and most stained-glass retail shops even offer glass cutting courses on nights and weekends.

Equipment requirements include:

  • A compound miter saw
  • Flat glass-cutting table
  • Basic hand tools
  • A small initial inventory of aluminium extrusions
  • Glass
  • mechanical parts.

One of the best aspects about this business is that the start-up costs are low and only a minimal inventory must be stocked, as all the window orders will be custom sizes, and doors can also be manufactured on an ordered basis.

office Window

You can sell the storm windows and doors directly to homeowners by initiating an advertising campaign in your local newspaper, as well as displaying products at home and garden trade shows to collect sales leads.

Additionally, be sure to establish alliances with contracting and renovation firms as these types of companies can become good customers. You can measure and install the finished product yourself,or hire subcontractors to carry out the installations.

As a general rule, storm windows and doors are sold on a United Inch basis (U.I.), meaning you add the height of the window to the width of the window and multiply the sum in inches by the U.I. price.

Check with other manufacturers and glass shops in your area to find out what the current U.I. price is, and providing your overhead structure allows, you should be able to offer clients a similar product at a cost that is less than that of the competitions.

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