Lighting Shop

Lighting Shop


Business At A Glance

Lighting Shop

Startup Costs: $10,000 – $50,000
Online Operation? No

Business Overview

Upgrading or replacing interior lightfixtures has become a very popular home improvement project for manyhomeowners simply due to the fact that this type of improvement isrelatively inexpensive and can have a beneficial impact on theappearance of their homes.

Starting a business that sells interior andexterior lighting products is a wise choice for a new businessenterprise. This sort of retail operation does not require a lot offloor space and as a method to reduce start-up costs you may evenconsider forming a joint venture with an established retailer in yourcommunity.

Good matches for this type of retailing alliance wouldinclude a furniture store or paint and wallpaper store. Also be sure toinitiate a direct-mail marketing campaign aimed at architects,homebuilders, and interior designers, as they can also become customersor refer their customers to your store.

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