Patio Furniture Retailer

Patio Furniture Retailer


Business At A Glance

Patio Furniture Retailer

Startup Costs: $50,000 – $100,000
Online Operation? No

Business Overview

All new decks and patios require one thingto complete them: patio furniture. A retail business that sells patiofurniture is a very easy business to initiate, as there are no specialskill requirements.

Patio furniture will pretty much sell itself,providing of course that the prices are fair and the quality isoutstanding. Worldwide, there are thousands of manufacturers of patiofurniture products, so securing a product line should not be difficult.

Additionally, consider stocking an inventory of locally made cedar orlog patio furniture, as traditionally wood patio chairs and tables havealways been excellent sellers. Marketing the business can beaccomplished by using all local print media, as well as by holding agrand opening sale to let potential customers know where you are andwhat products you stock.

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