Secondhand Clothing Store

Secondhand Clothing Store


Business At A Glance

Secondhand Clothing Store

Startup Costs: $2,000 – $10,000
Online Operation? Yes

Business Overview

There are a few options available to theentrepreneur considering a retail business that sells secondhandclothing. The first and most capital-intensive option is to open a usedclothing store from a fixed retail location or storefront.

The secondoption is to sell the secondhand clothing items via a flea-marketbooth. The third option is to develop a website and sell used clothingonline.

Of course, all three options could be combined into oneoperating format, and combining all three methods of marketing anddistribution would greatly increase potential business revenue. Thereare even a few companies that sell secondhand designer clothing by wayof home parties and independent sales consultants, which could also bea potential avenue worth investigating.

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