South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN)

South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN)



This networking programme is designed for women entrepreneurs to help them to face the process of starting their own businesses. SAWEN is for women entrepreneurs who operate with the South African SMME sector, and especially those seeking gender equality in the business arena. It is a Registered as section 21 company and is established in all nine provinces.


  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Capacity building
  • Training
  • Organised international educational and empowerment trade missions (Beijing, Morocco, India, New York)

Membership Benefits

  • Joint marketing of products
  • Group buying of input materials or services
  • Joint tendering or bidding on contracts
  • Sharing of information on new markets and opportunities
  • Sharing of containers when exporting
  • Using members of the network as suppliers or distributors


Contact Details



Email : or or

Tel: +27 861 843 384

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