10X Your Business: Come Find Out How

10X Your Business: Come Find Out How


Going from 1 to 10 staff, and from 10 to 100 staff are different worlds. The skills and knowledge required to scale 10X are totally different, and few scale up teams have them. That’s why 70% of successful entrepreneurs get stuck in No Man’s Land – the Bermuda Triangle of Growth.

If you’re scaling up and your team has never built and led a sizeable organisation before, the single most valuable investment you can make is acquiring cutting edge tools, skills and knowledge to scale a company.

Because scaling up is a unique and acute business leadership challenge, generalist MBA’s and business management programmes are totally inappropriate for scale up teams.

They’re too academic, slow, and time-consuming.

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We offer a ’Just-In-Time’ process to give your team the most powerful, practical tools you need to 10X a great business, with a time commitment that works for entrepreneurs. We offer a variety of individual Boot Camps, company-specific scale up Workshops, and the 10X Accelerator to help your team every step of the way.

Title Duration (days) Date CITY
10X Strategy – Being a magnet for sales at scale 1 Monday, 12 June 2017 JNB
10X-ecution – From chaos to systematically achieving your goals, at scale 1 Tuesday, 13 June 2017 JNB
Performance Mgmt – Designing your performance mgmt philosophy and system (for Founders) 1 Friday, 23 June 2017 JNB
10X Marketing – Systematically generating hot leads at scale 1 Wednesday, 12 July 2017 JNB
Bring Your A-Game: How to unlock 10X personal performance (Part 1) 1 Tuesday, 25 July 2017 JNB
10X Talent – From Lottery Hiring to Systematically hiring A-Players 1 Wednesday, 16 August 2017 JNB
Performance Mgmt – How to bring the best out of people through performance Mgmt (for managers) 1 Thursday, 17 August 2017 JNB
The Path to Scale: A Master Class to 10X your business 3 Monday, 21 August 2017 JNB
10X Cultures: Nurturing high engagement and performance 1 Wednesday, 30 August 2017 JNB


  • Cost of one day Boot Camps: R4,100 pp (exc VAT)
  • Cost of 3-day Path to Scale Boot Camp: R12,500 (exc VAT)


  • Early bird registration: Register two months before the BC and get 10% off the selling price
  • Bring 3 for the price of 2
  • 30% discount for referring founders of other ventures

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