A Bank in a Box

A Bank in a Box


Absa is trialling a ‘branch-on-the-move’ in Idutywa in the Eastern Cape after the original branch was destroyed by fire.

The branch-on-the-move takes the form of a large container on wheels that can be set up to be fully functional anywhere in the country within 24 hours of arrival. It offers full banking services with two tellers, two sales consultants, a branch manager and an ATM. It also includes a kitchen and a bathroom for staff members.

Absa’s head of Retail Markets, Arrie Rautenbach, says the concept is designed to simulate the functionality of an entire bank branch.

The branch-on-the-move serves as an emergency branch and does not require technology or equipment to be dissembled before being transported. The Idutywa pilot was built in only six weeks to serve the community while a new bank branch is being planned.

“It will move to areas of the country to extend its banking services where renovations, fire damage, water damage, ATM bombings or even construction interrupt normal branch operations,” continues Rautenbach.

He adds: “This service will especially be felt in remote rural villages.’

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