A Helping Hand for Unemployed Graduates

A Helping Hand for Unemployed Graduates


Graduating from university with a degree firmly in-hand is no guarantee of employment. KMPG, in conjunction with the National Youth Development Agency, has launched an empowerment programme aimed at unemployed graduates.

The programme will provide these graduates with practical work experience and professional grooming before they enter the job market formally.

Hands-on skills transfer

To meaningfully include these young people on appropriate client service teams, Project Hands begins with education and skills development. A week-long training course on key soft and technical skills will enable these emerging professionals to enter the workplace, suitably equipped for the tasks at hand.

Employment as interns for the duration of their client assignments will help these graduates build relevant work experience through hands on activities a robust experience.

Ultimately, this is all about empowerment, allowing for the development of building professional networks and professional reputations.

After completing their assignment, graduates will return to the job market with practical, hands-on experience and a commercially more marketable CV.

64 graduates on the programme

The first 64 graduates started on Project Hands on 4 February 2013. These graduates will be working with the KPMG team across South Africa.

  • 92% of these graduates are from a previously disadvantaged background
  • 72% of them are Black African
  • 69% of the candidates are female.

After completing the one-week on-boarding course they will start their journey as interns at KPMG.

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