A Nose for Business

A Nose for Business


It’s heart breaking losing a pet, but for UK entrepreneur and jewellery designer, Lisa Morgan, keeping pet memories alive saw her launch her business called Snozzas.

Her full time business involves making silver jewellery from baby fingerprints, but when her beloved dog died she wished she had created something that she could hold on to forever. So when the next pup came along, she decided to take a mould of its nose and cast that in silver. Amazed by the detail that was captured, she was soon making casts for her friends.


Since then, it’s grown into a business all of its own that is jingling with money: Pet owners pay £10 for a special moulding kit which is returned to Morgan. She then creates a precious metal casting from it that ranges from £44 for paw print charms, £120 for bronze nose castings, and £160 for silver nose castings. And each dog’s nose is unique, like a fingerprint, making every casting one of a kind and instantly recognisable by the owner.

“So far we’ve just done dogs and cats, but I was asked whether I could take an imprint of a hedgehog’s nose,” Morgan laughs.

Visit: www.snozza.com

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