Advertise Your Business – For Free

Advertise Your Business – For Free

SHARE is a social media advertising platform that is 100% free.

Small businesses, start- ups and individuals are now able to advertise their products and services online, leveling the playing field between small businesses and large corporations.

AdTangerine’s website allows users to advertise anything from their business to their Facebook page using the abstract currency of ‘Tangerines’. Advertisers offer users a certain number of Tangerines to publish their advert on their personal profile.

When a user has earned enough Tangerines, they can withdraw the funds in the equivalent cash amount via Paypal or use the Tangerines to get their own adverts published by other users.

AdTangerine’s model changes the way that people relate to internet advertising. Using the online tool, anyone can get coverage for their brand without paying a single cent.

Sharing lends credibility

When people publish an ad through AdTangerine and onto their social media profile, the content appears as the users status update, giving the ad credibility and a higher likelihood of being read by friends and contacts. On the other hand, the user who posted the advert is sharing content that appeals to them, while getting paid for it.

“The ‘share’ feature is one of the most revolutionary aspects of social networks, we have just figured out a way to monetise it, and at the end of the process everyone is happy” says Tiago Guedes, co- founder of AdTangerine.

The nitty-gritty

Using AdTangerine, you can advertise your business for free, provided you are willing to publish the adverts of others on your personal profile. This enables you to earn the Tangerines on offer for publishing, and therefore ‘pay’ for your own advert to be published by others.

The abstract currency, earning system and ease of use make it attractive to individuals looking to earn extra money by publishing the adverts of companies whenever they are online.  It levels the playing field for advertising in a way that means anyone can advertise anything, from their blogs to their Facebook page’s to their businesses.

Alison Job
Alison Job holds a BA English, Communications and has extensive experience in writing that spans news broadcasting, public relations and corporate and consumer publishing. Find her at Google+.
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