Apply Now To Get TEDxCapeTown 2016 Tickets

Apply Now To Get TEDxCapeTown 2016 Tickets


The world is full of noise and being present in 2016 can be difficult. TEDxCapeTown invites you to be in the moment with us at this year’s event exploring the theme – “Here to listen”. Join us in doing away with distraction, opening our minds and paying attention to world-changing ideas being shared.

Be sure not to miss a word that’s being said and expect to listen to multiple perspectives on Ideas Worth Spreading.

Apply to get your tickets.

In case you aren’t 100% sure what TED or TEDx is, watch this 73 second video we made to help you:

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First time attending?

Here are highlights from last year’s event: TEDxCapeTown 2015: (Open [Access) Control].

While TEDxCapeTown provides the platform for sharing ideas it is the community’s responsibility to spread these ideas.

Whether it’s clicking to share online or conversations you have in between sessions or days after the show, listen carefully and take the time to understand the perspective of all those in our TEDx community.

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