Are You Ready for this Week’s Tax Deadline?

Are You Ready for this Week’s Tax Deadline?


As the final deadline draws closer for all salaried employees to submit their tax returns on 23 November 2012, TaxTim is a fun, easy and fast online tax return solution for young professionals.

Entrepreneurial inventions

The brainchild of young South African entrepreneurs, Marc Sevitz, a qualified CA and tax specialist, and Evan Robinson, an inventor and software developer, TaxTim was selected to join the national Google Umbono programme last year and recently chosen as one of Africa’s Top 40 tech startups to present at the DEMO Africa conference in Nairobi.

“It’s better to get started with your tax return as soon as possible as some parts of the process can take time. If you earned more than R59 750 for the 2012 tax year (R4 979 per month), you would need to submit a tax return to SARS or you will be fined penalties for every month you are late. TaxTim helps you to complete your tax returns at minimal cost and in record time,” says Sevitz.

How it works

TaxTim asks you each required question individually and in plain language, which helps you fill out everything on your tax return correctly. TaxTim aims to ensure you won’t be overtaxed and will qualify for the maximum possible tax refund if due.

The service costs from R120 per return and is available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu 24 hours a day online at

“We understand the confusion and stress that comes with completing your tax returns, as well as the necessity and cost to do so. That’s why we made doing taxes on your own as easy as having a conversation. TaxTim is a fast and simple way of completing everything on your tax return that you need to, an essential service as the close of filing season draws near and tensions are high,” adds Robinson.

For corporate clients

TaxTim also offers Employee Assist, a service for corporate clients to help their employees become and stay tax compliant. Employees receive prepaid coupons for use of the TaxTim service, year-round email/SMS notifications to ensure their compliance and timely filing, access to a 24 hour tax questions helpdesk, a vehicle logbook mobi-site for recording work trips on a mobile phone and a TaxTim introductory seminar.

Taxtim will be running a Double Your Refund lucky draw from 23 October to 23 November for the last month of tax season. Get started today at

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