Are You Catching Your Customer’s Hard-Earned Attention?

Are You Catching Your Customer’s Hard-Earned Attention?



In 1992 Martin van Wyk, a qualified lithographer produced the first digitally printed Benson & Hedges billboard in South Africa, proudly displayed on the M1 and M2 highways. 45 years ago it was rare to see a large billboard.

Today, brands are fighting for attention. As the market continues to grow exponentially, the difference between high-quality, eye-catching signage and poor-quality alternatives makes all the difference to your brand and whether consumers are paying attention to your message.

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As the outdoor advertising industry grows, static billboards are being replaced by digital billboards. Digital offers flexibility, more choices and near immediate turnaround times. Content can be changed instantly, from anywhere.

One LED billboard can display the adverts of multiple brands or multiple products for one brand.

The images projected can be video or static and the colour is of the highest quality and standard.  

This versatility makes a strong case for the shift towards LED screens for marketing site owners, marketing managers for large retail stores and the over 1 700 malls in South Africa.

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LED billboards are fast becoming the competitive edge and present an ideal opportunity for businesses to enter this exciting, profitable advertising market.

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