Ariston Global Voted Small Business Champion

Ariston Global Voted Small Business Champion


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On the 5th of November 2015, Ariston Global received the National Small Business Chamber’s Small Business Champion Award. Although the NSBC awards haven’t been around terribly long – about eight years – they have established a respected reputation.

“The NSBC is the largest organisation representing the SME sector and the fastest growing organisation of its kind in the world. The NSBC is the driving force fuelling small business growth. The real purpose behind the organisation is fostering the sustainability and growth of the SME sector, driving job creation, alleviating unemployment and nurturing the country’s entrepreneurial spirit,” says NSBC CEO Mike Anderson.

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“The South African Small Business Awards is the largest awards programme of its kind that recognises the tireless journey, hard work, outstanding achievements and vision of small businesses and entrepreneurs within the SME sector,” continues Anderson.

“It is a celebration of the most outstanding businesses and the exceptional businesspeople behind these successful and growing businesses.”

The National Small Business Champion

While NSBC gives out a number of awards, its most prestigious annual award is the National Small Business Champion Award. “This is the ultimate award recognising an outstanding small business. It is given to a business that has demonstrated vision, uniqueness, exceptional growth and sound business principles,” says Anderson.

“We’re honoured to be the recipient of this award and humbled to be recognised by the NSBC,” says Ariston Global MD Reginald Pillay. “The way that the NSBC not only supports small businesses, but also provides accolades for achievement is great.”

What made Ariston Global stand out? According to Anderson, it is the company’s passion and obsessive commitment to doing a job well that has made it such a successful business. In fact, Ariston Global has enjoyed year-on-year growth of 250%.

“This is what I believe other SMEs, and, indeed, larger companies as well, can learn from Ariston Global: The money that you earn is a by-product of what you do well. Focus on helping others and providing value. Be unique and different, work hard, keep moving and never give up. By doing this, you will always arrive at where you want to be,” says Anderson.

A True Champion

Ariston Global directors Keith John Barrett, Reginald Pillay, Suran Moodley and Avis Naidoo with master of ceremonies Katlego Maboe (centre).

The award is fitting, since Ariston Global has not only shown itself to be an exceptional SME in its own right, but has also been championing other small businesses, providing them access to services and insights that they otherwise would not have been able to tap into.

“Ariston Global has proven to be a trusted strategic partner for SMEs, providing innovative multidisciplinary integrated solutions that add enormous value to a very important facet of every business. They have grown their client base exponentially, which has created many new job opportunities for young entrants into the job market. Ariston Global is a full-circle success story that is carried by enormous talent,” says Anderson.

“We started off largely providing tax, payroll and accounting services,” says Strategy Director Suran Moodley. “In 2014, however, we identified a gap in the market: We realised that SMEs quite often do not have access to the insights and information needed to be competitive.

“When it comes to its core focus, an SME might be able to provide an excellent service, but it can struggle when it comes to legislation and other tricky aspects of running a successful organisation. Large advisory firms can help, but the average SME does not have the money to make use of their services. We aim to fill that gap.

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“Ironically, it is even more crucial for smaller businesses to have access to advisory services, since they don’t have the funds needed to absorb inefficiencies – something that large corporates can do.”

It is a strategy that has worked well for Ariston Global. As mentioned, it has enjoyed immense growth, and has helped many clients grow just as successfully in the process.

“Our aim is to grow alongside our clients,” says Pillay. “Seeing them grow and evolve provides us with immense joy.”

Ariston Global
Ariston Global (Pty) Ltd. Started operations in January 2007 as Ariston Financial Services offering Tax and Accounting Services. In October 2014 a strategic Merger and Acquisition was concluded in order to create Ariston’s unique competing space. In November 2014 it was decided to rebrand in order to reflect the organisations diverse solutions. Our future growth plans include expanding our footprint into Africa and the International market.