Carwash Goes from Roadside to Beachside

Carwash Goes from Roadside to Beachside


A group of roadside car washers at Motherwell in the Eastern Cape so impressed The Boardwalk Casino’s corporate social responsibility manager, Peggy Mokhatla, that she helped them set up a business.

Start-up funding for Beachside Auto Detailing was provided by The Boardwalk. The new company has also been given sole rights to provide a waterless car-washing service to guests and staff alike.

Passion and energy pay off

“I was inspired by their passion when I saw them at work alongside the Motherwell Road,” says Mokhatla.

The Beachside initiative is designed to create jobs and take youth off the streets. “These are the ingredients we look for when selecting emerging companies for enterprise development funding,” she says.

A green, waterless carwash

The Boardwalk provided funds to buy eco-friendly chemicals and to hire six WAVE trolleys and vacuum cleaners.

According to Beachside Auto Detailing managing director Luthando Miliho, the only water used is for the frequent rinsing out of a cloth used to remove dust from the car before a layer of special wax is applied.

The chemicals have been designed for use in the sun, according to Miliho.

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