Celebrating the Spirit of Youth

Celebrating the Spirit of Youth


During Youth Month, Capitec Bank wanted to celebrate the spirit of some of South Africa’s young pioneers who dared to be different and question their world.

Capitec wanted their stories to be shared with other young and young-at-heart South Africans so as to inspire, motivate and encourage them to be pioneers in their own lives too.

The aim of the campaign is to acknowledge these brave young people as Capitec believes they have had the courage and vision to side-step the expected and do things differently.

Charl Nel, Capitec Bank’s head of Strategic Communications, says, “South Africa was founded on the backs of great pioneers, Nelson Mandela and Mark Shuttleworth, to name but a few.

“And while these pioneers will forever form the narrative of our country, there is a new generation of young pioneers who are following in their footsteps by defying social norms and asking questions of society, as well as the people around them.”

How they were chosen

Capitec went on the search for young South Africans who embody its philosophy of “Questions Change The World”. They were then approached to be part of the new brand campaign.

As a result of the campaign, Capitec Bank has partnered with seven extraordinary young South African pioneers. While each has a different story to tell, each of them paved their own unique paths by being brave and bold enough to “Ask Why” – at work, in their community or of their everyday lives – and change their circumstances for the better.

What they get out of it

Capitec produced seven short vox pop videos as well as a short movie based on their motivating stories.  Their stories were then shared on social networks as well as with bloggers and other interested media.

This is where people can go to follow their stories: www.askwhy.co.za.

Alison Job
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