Cloud Myths Busted

Cloud Myths Busted



Myth 1: Consumer Office from my local retailer is fine for my business…

The working environment has changed since the 80’s — workers are more likely to work together on an idea, set up quick think-tanks and be on the road all the time. Gone are the days of individual workers.

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To set your business up for maximum productivity, choose an edition of Office 365 that is tailored for the business challenges of team work — Office 365 is about so much more than just Word, Excel and PowerPoint!

Myth 2: My data is not secure with the cloud…

Some clouds are not and it’s important to check with the cloud provider that is engaging with you. With Microsoft Office 365 Business and Enterprise, it’s your data. You own it. You control it.

It’s yours to take with you if you decide to leave the service. Office 365 uses the defence-in-depth approach to provide physical, logical, and data layers of security features and operational best practices. Microsoft is the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy. ISO/IEC 27018. More info on

Myth 3: I am not allowed to store my data outside the borders of South Africa…

There is no law in South Africa that prohibits you from storing your data outside the borders of South Africa. The PoPI Act refers to the Protection of Personal Information and, as citizens of South Africa, how we need to treat information. Financial data and records can be stored outside South Africa provided you meet the requirements of SARS. Read more on PoPI here:

Myth 4: I need to be connected to the internet all the time…

Think of Office 365 as your remote corporate network. You can work on your documents, emails and content in an offline state and when you are ready you can connect to the internet and synchronise your data and emails. You do not have to be connected to be productive.

Myth 5: There is not enough bandwidth in South Africa…

We have seen significant investment into fibre bandwidth solutions, giving South Africa access to the internet and improved bandwidth speed. This has driven lower pricing. Currently cost-effective fibre communication to your office is common and soon you will see fibre in your home.

Myth 6: It’s cheaper to do IT myself than the Office 365…

As a SME you need to understand the total cost of ownership of trying to do IT yourself. For example evaluate the cost your server and licensing at the time of deployment, versus over a three year period. What was the true cost of running this yourself?

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For instance if email is down how much did this cost your organisation? Have you considered these factors when evaluating how much cheaper Office 365 is for your business, including the Office 365 offer of a 99, 9% financially backed uptime?

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