Developing Women Entrepreneurs

Developing Women Entrepreneurs


Women make up a substantial component of the South African workforce and play an important role in job creation and developing the economy as entrepreneurs. So opportunities to enhance their business skills go a long way in achieving their goals.

Process of selection

Rewind to February this year, Microsoft South Africa in association with Business Engage invited women entrepreneurs so submit a motivation explaining why they believed their business was ready for growth. The women selected attended a one day workshop where it was determined whether they qualified for the second phase, a five day Expand Your Business Programme.

Eleven women entrepreneurs qualified and took part in the in the one week workshop from 28 May to 1 June, graduating from the programme with an arsenal of action plans for developing their business.

The Expand Your Business Programme acts as an integrated package of management training and business counseling. It strengthens the business fundamentals and functional areas to prepare for growth, and covers five key areas of business management.

Outcomes and getting involved

If you feel your business is ready to break through the ceiling, but lack business acumen in areas of strategic management, marketing management, HR management, operations management or financial management, visit Business Engage’s website for information on upcoming events and courses, business resources, and register for greater networking opportunities with other businesses.

Tracy Lee Nicol
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