Do you Have What it Takes for Entrepreneur SA

Do you Have What it Takes for Entrepreneur SA


In 2010, 702 profiled 30 entrepreneurs and tried to take their business to the next level, creating jobs along the way. Why? Because entrepreneurs are a crucial part of any country’s development. By identifying and seizing gaps in the market entrepreneurs like those featured last year not only ensure that our economy stays healthy and competitive but also create vital job opportunities for others.

Entrepreneur SA 2011

It’s time for another round of businesses to chosen for this year’s season. Together with FNB’s BizNetwork initiative, Pavlo Phitidis, founder of Aurik Business Incubator, will be actively assisting, developing and coaching the businesses chosen from this year’s entries. As an entrepreneur and director of various businesses, Phitidis offers over 18 years of direct experience in conceptualising, starting up and developing business enterprises in South Africa. He has developed and brought to market business assets in excess of R1 billion.

Do you have what it takes?

Criteria for entry are as follows:

  • Incorporation: Your business must be a registered CC or Pty
  • Years in trading: You must have been trading for a minimum of 24 months or more. This means that you would be able to show sales for the last 24 months minimum if asked!
  • Growth and sustainability: If your business is not growing, you are declining. Growth is the ultimate proof that you are meeting the needs of a customer in a way that competitors aren’t and that you would be a prime candidate for support through this promotion. If there are things that you need to get you growing and that if provided, you will grow and can demonstrate that, this platform is also relevant to you. However, remember that it’s not always about business finance; think carefully how you want to use this platform where hundreds of thousands of people will hear about you if you create an engaging, well thought out expression of your needs for a huge radio audience that includes customers, suppliers, mentors and more!
  • Innovation: What do you do differently? Innovation speaks to what is special about your business and how it sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Employment: What are the prospects of job creation in your business on one of two levels? Either that you will be able to generate many jobs going forward and/or that you will generate excellent skills in your employees going forward. Remember; if you make the shortlist, you will be challenged on this issue so be sure to be clear on either account.

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