Does Your Brand Pop?

Does Your Brand Pop?


Omo is using pop-up stores to promote its new product at taxi ranks. The 2-in-1 hand wash with a touch of Comfort is being promoted to consumers via pop-up laundry stores, Omo Washa Nathi, situated at taxi ranks in the community.

A laundry service at the taxi rank

The offer is limited to five items of machine washable clothing per customer, which may not include linen, underwear, handkerchiefs, nappies, suits, or jackets. Items must be colourfast and no dry cleaning is available.

How it works

On Monday to Friday, between 5-10am, customers can drop off their clothes. A brand ambassador accepts, receipts and issues a laundry ticket.

From there laundry bags are taken to the nearest branded laundry centre. Clothes are washed in a netted bag, dried (line or dryer), pressed and packed.

From 4-6pm, customers can collect their clean garments, ironed and ready to wear together with their free sachet of washing powder.

Four laundries, 630 washes a day

The company currently has four pop-up laundries doing 630 washes per day, keeping 10 000 customers happy and distributing 300 000 Omo with a touch of Comfort samples.

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