Does Your Business Have a Warm Heart?

Does Your Business Have a Warm Heart?


We all drive past them without really seeing them. People on the side of the road begging for food or money or work. Many of the women have children in tow. What we don’t think about is how much worse their lot must be in winter, when temperatures drop to zero and below.

As a business, you can do a very small thing that will make a huge difference to people’s lives. It won’t make you money or improve your processes, but it will make you feel good in the knowledge that you’re helping someone who may be unable to help themselves.

Partnership warms children this winter

As we’re all too aware when we get out of bed in the mornings, winter is extra cold at the moment and this can be especially hard on the homeless.

Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation has partnered with the Mini Council of Johannesburg to collect blankets. The charity is now able to warm hundreds of children this winter with the amount of blankets they’ve collected.

The caring work done by the charity is much needed at the 53 charities they support.

The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation is dedicated to providing crucial support and assistance for impoverished children in South Africa, with food, educational opportunities, and renovations offered on a regular basis to the homes of its supported charities.

The Foundation is a corporate social investment initiative of Nashua Limited. The foundation hopes to inspire others to care this winter and help out those living on the cold streets. Giving back is imperative, but there is no better time to warm hearts than winter.

Alison Job
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