Domain Registration Made Easy

Domain Registration Made Easy


DiaMatrix recently became the first registrar in South Africa to register domains on UniForum’s new EPP system and its multi-registrar EPP Control Panel has officially been launched as well. Its Control Panel can turn ISPs into certified Registrars within an hour, eradicating their need to develop their own plugin, saving development time and money.

UniForum’s Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) system is a far more advanced, modernised and secure way of registering domains and EPP has been adopted internationally for several years already. The EPP system, which is already active and highly successful, will over time replace the current Legacy system entirely.

TheDiaMatrix Multi-Registrar Control Panel which is run from the very appropriately named domain name, speaks directly to the UniForumEPP system via the Registrar’s account details and allows the Registrar to register new domains and manage all other domain names effectively from within the Control Panel (CP). The CP also allows the registrar to import all legacy domains into their account and manage them from there. DiaMatrix is also the only registrar that has successfully migrated legacy domains to the new EPP system.

Becoming a registrar

To become a registrar directly with UniForum, a two-fold accreditation process is required. Managing director of DiaMatrix, Wayne Diamond says: “The registrar documentation is first completed and this is then followed by the registrar’s technical accreditation, which requires that every technical element performs successfully before UniForum will approve it technically and allow the Registrar to move on to the next step in the approval process.”

An ISP would need to undergo approximately two to three months development time followed by another two months in the ‘sandbox’ before migrating to the live system. DiaMatrix’s Multi-Registrar EPP CP ( was developed over 18 months in conjunction with UniForum and allows ISPs to gain full registrar accreditation into the system within one hour.

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