Don’t Judge the Pugs

Don’t Judge the Pugs


Picture a small retail outlet stationed on Rissik street, Johannesburg some seven years back, and then picture that same little shop generating a R30 million annual turnover with a national footprint today. Lippy’s Stationers is that new kid on the block, and it’s determined to make its mark.

“We already differentiate ourselves on price and service, but we’re also fun, vibey and very approachable. We wanted to launch a social media campaign that projects this identity, and gives people an idea of what it’s like to do business with us,” explains CEO Gregg Freeman.

Going viral

With what’s fast becoming its trademark sense of humour, Lippy’s teamed up with Mann Made Media to create a tongue-in-cheek youtube video that has already scored over 6 000 hits in just one week.

“The real challenge today is not so much of a budgetary one, but more a matter of creative identity. We live in an ever changing digitally conscious society – even within our African borders – so it is imperative to find a unique angle with which to catapult a campaign,” says Vusani Ravele, marketing maniac for Lippy’s Stationers.

“Going viral was a no brainer for us what with the cost of mainstream media and the onslaught of mind-altering technological advancements. Our Youtube video, entitled ‘Lippys, don’t judge the pugs’, has snowballed in its first few days as it showcases the inner workings of Lippy’s clearly and candidly with a personal touch from our CEO Gregg, who is now headed straight for Hollywood!”

Having fun

Don’t judge the pugs features Freeman, the resident pugs, as well as the legendary Grandma Lippy. The video has seen some impressive successes in its early days in the way of exposure as well as managing to reach decision makers within a number of reputable firms.

“We worked with Mann Made Media who have, and still are doing an impressive job considering our budget,” says Ravele. “It’s definitely been worth every drop of midnight oil and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Keep an eye on this one, it’s bound to exceed expectations!”

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