Empower Your Staff

Empower Your Staff


On 22 May Adapt to Change is hosting a workshop in Cape Town on employee empowerment.

The workshop is called ‘Leadership to activate employee empowerment’. The aim is to equip managers, business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools to:

  • Empower their employees
  • Engage with their team
  • And ultimately improve business results.

Consider what you might be able to achieve if all the employees in your business had the necessary access to information, knowledge and skills to identify opportunities for improvement and make the best decisions for the overall business every single day.

Putting power into the hands of staff members not only makes for a more content team but also a more productive and successful one.

A proven path to success

Johan Koegelenberg, Adapt to Change co-founder, says, “Every company is different and will handle training, development and staff management in its own way.

“However, adopting a culture of empowerment by encouraging employees to make decisions and take responsibility and by providing them with an encouraging environment of open communication is possible in almost any situation. “And the success of moving a business into the culture of employee empowerment is proven. It is a very powerful tool,” he adds.

For more information about the workshop go to www.adapttochange.co.za

Alison Job
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