Empowering Artists Across Tshwane

Empowering Artists Across Tshwane


The Tshwane Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TCCI) in Association with Creative Arts Africa is holding a series of workshops and events for artists across all genres.

The educational workshops will be held in communities across Tshwane. They will be aimed at helping artists, entrepreneurs and businesses involved in the creative arts improve their levels of business knowledge.

Artists need to equip themselves with entrepreneurial skills to be able to develop themselves and their businesses. The TCCI aims to empower and develop artists and create a platform for SMEs to grow.

People running businesses in the tourism, accommodation, arts and crafts and marketing sectors will also benefit from the workshops.

The programme will incorporate NGOs in order to provide information about relevant issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug and substance abuse, the disabled, TB and healthy living.

Alison Job
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