Entrepreneur Sues Big Business for Service

Entrepreneur Sues Big Business for Service


Entrepreneur, author and international speaker Robin Wheeler is taking big business to task in the media and, if necessary, in court for millions to ensure that they fulfill their brand promises.

Called ‘Suing for Service’, Wheeler’s campaign confronts corporations publicly and legally to improve service levels.

Using his personal experience as a consumer, as well as his entrepreneurial expertise, Wheeler is geared to stir up consumers’ awareness of their power to affect positive change.

Taking corporates to task

Suing for Service is Wheeler’s solution to apathy and poor service levels. It uses the spirit of enterprise to force service providers to improve their offerings. He has solid cases against a list of brands with whom he has had prolonged and consistently unacceptable service experiences, and is confronting them at the highest level, using his influence and insight to stand up to prevailing apathy and blatant bullying.

“I will settle for nothing less than being thoroughly impressed,” Wheeler insists. “I do not accept apologies – the only acceptable outcome is exemplary service. I am making it my job to ensure this is win/win for all stakeholders.”

The campaign will extend to the police, the traffic department, and government departments. Wheeler will be speaking in the media, writing articles and books, and making television documentaries showing the problems, the solutions, and the power that consumers today can hold.

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