Everything Is Covered, So Relax

Everything Is Covered, So Relax



What’s better than eating Chow Mein in China, drinking sangria in Spain or eating insalata in Italy? Knowing your holiday is in good hands thanks to your World MasterCard.

Travelling in a foreign country makes normal occurrences seem exciting. Suddenly hurtling down a long highway is thrilling, walking through unfamiliar streets is fun instead of mundane and being offered strange trinkets at the traffic lights becomes an adventure rather than an annoyance.

That’s the beauty of travelling. What isn’t the beauty of travelling is finding yourself without your payment card, or worse, finding your payment card has fallen into the hands of someone who is a serious fan of shopping according to the messages coming through on your cellphone.

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With your World MasterCard, you’re protected against fraudulent account activity and all the drama that it brings. In the event of your card getting into the wrong hands, you are protected up to 24 hours prior to the event first being reported to the card issuer.

And if you’ve heard horror stories of criminals preying on tourists such as yourself, and are hesitant to use an ATM, so has MasterCard and they have you covered. With ATM Bodyguard, exclusive to World MasterCard cardholders, you are protected if you are robbed of cash within 15 minutes of withdrawal. And any medical expenses incurred within 12 hours and directly as a result of robbery can be reimbursed, thanks to your World MasterCard.

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Once you’ve packed your suitcase with the trinkets from the traffic light vendors and are questioning your shopping decisions, you know that should your luggage find itself on the wrong plane or in the wrong hands, you are again protected by your World MasterCard. You are also covered for a trip cancellation, trip curtailment and trip delay or missed connections.

So while you’re enjoying your exclusive Priceless offers, whether it be a culinary adventure in Rio de Janeiro or a VIP Dodger Stadium visit in Los Angeles, relax, knowing MasterCard has thought of just about everything.

Terms and conditions apply. Ask your bank for a World MasterCard or visit www.mastercard.co.za/world to find out more.


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