Fedhealth Brings Healthy Benefits to your Staff

Fedhealth Brings Healthy Benefits to your Staff


As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you enjoy being the captain of your own ship. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and care deeply about the staff members who’ve supported you along the way.

If you’re looking for a reliable, trusted and affordable medical aid that will take care of all your work family’s healthcare needs, consider joining the Fedhealth family.

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Our family tree is built on a proud heritage of 79 years, and we pride ourselves on being a scheme that’s run by members for members. We’re financially sound, with a Global Credit Rating of AA – retained for nine years in a row, reserves of 37.24% well above the required 25%, and a claims paying ability of 5.29 months even if we don’t receive any contributions.

But what do we offer you as a small business owner? First and foremost, because we realise just how valuable your precious time is, we will send a consultant to your premises to sign up your staff after establishing which option will suit them best. This hassle-free sign-up will cause minimum disruption to your operations.

In addition, we have an extensive option range that suits everyone in the company in a price range to fit every pocket. We offer two hospital plans, three saver options and four comprehensive options that provide varying levels of healthcare cover depending on your employees’ needs.

Our wide array of excellent benefits where we pay more from Risk than other medical aid schemes, include unlimited visits to Network Family Practitioners (FP) on all our comprehensive and saver options once your Savings has been depleted, or child rates for financially dependent children up to the age of 27.

And, since we know that many of your employees might still be expanding their families, we provide great baby-friendly benefits and value-adds. For example, we offer enhanced maternity benefits on our saver option Maxima Basis, the free Fedhealth Baby programme with a handy baby bag, baby products, and expert advice, as well as childhood immunisations paid by the Scheme, not from Savings.

Should you have an administrative query, you can also post a question on our dedicated HR Knowledgebase online portal. Simply post a question anytime and we’ll respond.

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Plus, to make you feel even more at home, you and your staff will be able to join Sanlam Reality through Fedhealth, and enjoy superb discounts like 80% on gym fees, 75% on movie tickets, 30% on flights and much more! An excellent rewards programme that make your hard-earned cash work harder.

To experience how the Fedhealth family will take care of your work family, call your broker or the extended Fedhealth family on 0860 002 153 or go to www.fedhealth.co.za.

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Fedhealth have been around for over 75 years, giving them a unique and informed perspective on the South African healthcare market – a perspective that’s formed from enough experience and knowledge to challenge most other schemes in the country. Not only do they talk the talk, they also walk the walk, and so remain committed to their objective of ensuring quality and value for money healthcare for their membership base.