Find a Business Premises Online

Find a Business Premises Online


LeaseAfrica is a locally developed, free-to-use online platform offering SMEs a one-stop-shop, as it were, for their property needs.

Anthony Holme, CEO and co-founder of LeaseAfrica, explains that the lack of a comprehensive online resource for commercial property in South Africa often forces tenants to adopt a scattergun approach when searching for vacant property.

“Prospective tenants have to engage with multiple companies, each of whom offers only a very narrow slice of the market, a process which is both time-consuming and ineffective.”

Holme says businesses are not finding office spaces to suit their needs because vacancy listings are not available to them in an open and transparent method.

“The relevant information does not always reach business owners due to the way the market is structured. By pooling all the correct information we are able to offer the industry an innovative solution which will assist both commercial landlords and businesses looking to source premises.

“We are essentially placing every vacancy in front of every potential tenant in the market, instantaneously.”

Alison Job
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