Free Accounting Software For Small Business

Free Accounting Software For Small Business


Formever business and accounting software is available to small business owners at no charge.

The software can be customised by business professionals with no programming experience to make their own system to match their current way of doing business.

As companies grow and evolve, executives can easily change and adapt the system themselves without the need for costly programmers.

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And the option of cloud-based services – at a cost – means companies can easily scale up, without worrying about infrastructure, or managing security and back-up systems. For mid-sized business in particular there is a real need for these kinds of simple, scalable solutions.

“We believe there is a lot of untapped potential for companies to gain efficiencies from customised accounting and business systems,” said Corin Gutteridge, chief executive officer of Formever.

“We want to provide the right tools for business people to do their own customisation. So we took the complications of programming out of the equation.”

“A lot of business people I’ve spoken to over the years are frustrated with their systems and their limited options,” said Lance Gutteridge, founder and chief technology officer of Formever. “That’s what inspired me to write this software.

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“I realised there was a need for a more business-centric approach to computer systems. I also saw that as computers became faster and more powerful, a new data architecture was possible, so we could organise information in a new, more efficient manner.”

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  • That sounds really promising. Formever is looking like a hopeful and capable accounting tool really. Small business owners would have receive great outputs through this. I am glad to find out some stuffs about it.

  • karen

    Indeed sounds promising. There’s another accounting tool for small business, isn’t free but having lots of functionality. that is