Free eBook on Social Media

Free eBook on Social Media


Cerebra has launched a free eBook that serves as a social media best practice guide. We Are Community was written by Cerebra’s CEO, Mike Stopforth.

The aim is to convert more businesses to social businesses in order to better compete in a marketplace that is increasingly being driven by the social web.

“A social business makes decisions more effectively and efficiently with less resistance from stakeholders, as it is a mindset of every individual within the organisation,” says Stopforth.

“With more access to information and intelligence, social businesses can improve products, services, and even departments as and when needed. This engagement is not a trend or a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way people are connecting, communicating and collaborating.”

We Are Community contains hints and tips for the readers to apply to their social brand communication, both internal and external to the organisation.

These guidelines are backed by sound theory and case studies that Stopforth has accumulated during his career that has spanned almost a decade in this fledgling industry.

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