Free Page Ranking Workshops for Website Owners

Free Page Ranking Workshops for Website Owners


Owning a website has never been easier, and cheaper. The problem comes in when your company, business or service is not ‘found’ by any of the major Search Engines and you do not appear on any of the result pages. If you aren’t being ‘found’ by the Search Engines then you definitely will not be found by potential new business.

Each Search Engine has a particular algorithm for ‘ranking’ websites and web pages, they then have ‘spiders’ trawl the internet and depending on search results they then rank and present the pages accordingly. This ranking will determine the position that your website will appear on the results page. There are certain features that each website and web page must contain in order to achieve a good ranking and page position, especially on the biggest search engine.

Maximising SEO

The process of making sure your website gets ranked by the major Search Engines is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of improving your website or a web page in Search Engines via natural or organic search results (not paid adverts). In general, the more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the Search Engine’s users.

SEO should form the basis of a company’s Internet Marketing strategy and as a free marketing tool, is far more lucrative than any paid marketing campaigns. If you consider that Internet Marketing is a more effective way to show proven results compared to traditional marketing then it makes sense to invest time and resources into SEO.

The benefits of SEO and Internet Marketing:

  • Internet Marketing is more measurable.
  • Internet Marketing makes strategic decisions based on facts.
  • Internet Marketing makes it easier to reach your target audience.
  • Internet Marketing is a constant source of marketing as it provides a permanent address for you online that can be visited at any time.
  • Internet Marketing leads to increased conversions.

The Ipco free page ranking workshops are open to any interested people and are held in most large business centres throughout South Africa (dependant on interest). The aim of the workshops is to educate attendees on best SEO practices.

The workshops last for roughly two hours and bookings are essential. For more information go to

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