From Telecoms to Socks and Back

From Telecoms to Socks and Back


Local entrepreneur Nicholas Haralambous is in the news again.

This time following the acquisition of ForeFront Africa, a mobile technology firm he co-founded with Tracy Langdon Surkont, to Imperial Holdings.

The acquisition heralds Imperial’s entry into the mobile and telecommunications industries.

The company will form part of the newly launched Resolve brand and become Resolve Mobile.

“Imperial is excited to enter into the strategically critical mobile technology arena alongside a team with such notable skill and extensive African experience,” says Cobus Rossouw, chief integration officer. “We are now well placed to partner our clients in leveraging the potential of mobile commerce in their value chains.”

Surkont and Haralambous founded ForeFront Africa in 2013 after both recently exiting separate ventures and having worked together at Vodacom SA.

They spotted a market requirement for skilled mobile talent willing to work in African countries with experience in those markets.

“Tracy and I knew that we were onto something after founding the company when we were approached by companies throughout Africa and further afield to make use of our services,” says Haralambous.

“Partnering with Imperial Holdings will bring massive opportunities to our company and assist in growth which we would have battled to achieve otherwise,” says Haralambous.

Surkont says that FFA has experience and a grasp of the market that few others have, “We understand that the market is complicated, each country in Africa needs unique attention and each company brings with it a different offering and unique requirements.”

Alison Job
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