Gearing up for Sales Excellence

Gearing up for Sales Excellence


With international business news bleak, and a possible double dip on the horizon, South African companies need to address how they will prepare for the possibility of a second recession in 2012. One way is to ensure that sales strategies are tightened and implemented. After all, no matter what industry you are in, without sales, there is no revenue.

Keynote speakers at this year’s ThinkSales Sales Leadership Conference, which will be held in Sandton on 26-27 September, have been carefully selected to provide delegates with exactly that: winning sales strategies that improve the abilities of sales leaders and their teams to deliver on target.

International Best Sales Trainer

One of this year’s ThinkSales Sales Conference keynote speakers is Nic Read, winner of the International Business Award for Best Sales Trainer by a panel of judges that included Donald Trump, Gary Hamel and Tony Robbins.

Regarded as a thought leader on the science of revenue growth, Read’s sales and management programmes are sold in more than 40 countries in eight languages. As the founder and CEO of SalesLabs, a sales consultancy represented in the US, Europe and Asia that delivers solutions to large, multi-national companies, Read has assisted companies throughout the world in maximizing the potential of their sales teams.

The sales manager of SAS Americas, Nick Sarles, attributes a sales process gain of 75% above the company’s forecast win rate thanks to Read’s training programme. In addition to on-site training, Read’s first book, Selling to the C-Suite, topped the best-seller list in its category and has gone on to multiple printings in different languages. The book is the result of a 10-year global study on how executives get involved in the B2B buying cycle, and what sales people need to do to become trusted advisors at that level: insight that Read now brings to his training discussions.

If you are serious about sales, don’t miss this year’s conference. Visit the ThinkSales website for more information or to register for the conference.

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