Giant Breakfast Hasn’t Killed Yet

Giant Breakfast Hasn’t Killed Yet


We all know that the way to get attention is to do things differently. When it comes to breakfast food, it seems everyone’s on a health binge, but not this café in Norfolk, UK.

The Jesters Diner’s breakfast fry-up weighs in at 4,08kg and packs a whopping 6000 calories. That’s three times your recommended daily intake. The “Kidz Breakfast,” aptly named because it weighs the same as a baby, serves up 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, six eggs, four black pudding slices, four slices of buttered toast, four slices of white bread, four slices of fried bread, two hash browns, an 8-egg cheese and potato omelette, fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes.

Turning breakfast into a marketing meal

The sheer overkill of the breakfast has prompted calls for it to be banned and Prof David Haslam, of the National Obesity Forum in the UK, has said not only is the meal irresponsible and sends out the wrong message, but it could kill after eating.

The owner isn’t fussed though; in fact the café has sold hundreds of Kidz Breakfasts since it was put on the menu 18 months ago and gained notoriety in the media for not being defeated. “Only one man has finished it,” says café owner Robert Pinto.

And he was a 70kg professional eater. Now people are lining up from all over the country to give it a go. “If you can finish the meal, it’s free. If not, it’s £15.” (Approximately R210).

Defending the gargantuan meal, Pinto says, “It is what it is. It was done as a laugh and 99% of the population understands that.” Better yet, business has boomed for the quiet seaside café since the offering made headlines a year ago.

So just goes to show: If you want to stand out against the crowd, go big or go home.

Alison Job
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