Going Green At Work

Going Green At Work


Donavin Hawker of GreenWorx says businesses can go green by implementing a few simple steps.

You need a green team

Firstly set up green teams by gathering employees from throughout the company to lead the green programme.

Giving the staff ownership of the programme in this manner allows them to feel more a part of it, further entrenching it into the company ethos and ensuring its success.

Regular meetings are key

Regular meetings should then be set up, either weekly or monthly, for the green team to discuss the progress of existing projects and brainstorm additional green avenues in the business.

Within these meetings, weak points or areas of inefficiency can be identified and solutions sought.

Communicate the green message

The key to a successful green programme is communication. It is essential that awareness of the programme permeates the entire organisation.

The green team can be made responsible for raising such awareness through e-mails, flyers or posters which explain how and why the company is going green and encouraging all employees to get involved and share their green ideas.

Green events can also be held in the office to create excitement, and could include picnics or a visit from a green expert.

Why does the green workplace matter?

Why bother going green at work? According to the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the energy used in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants accounts for almost half of all greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption worldwide.

In addition, the workplace is where the majority of the world’s population spends most of their waking hours, therefore it is the most effective manner in which to implement green practices.

Going green does not have to be complicated or daunting; it all depends on the manner in which it is implemented. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time or effort, yet the benefits are immeasurable.

Top green tips

You can have a more environmentally friendly workspace by implementing some of the following:

  • Environmentally friendly, green cleaning products
  • Energy efficient electronic devices
  • Environmentally friendly pest control
  • CFC-free devices
  • Recycling waste (eg paper, plastic etc)
  • Recycled and eco-friendly office products
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Car-pooling.


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