Green Legislation for SA business

Green Legislation for SA business


The Department of Environmental Affairs has released the much anticipated and long delayed National Climate Change Response Green Paper. According to Global Carbon Exchange, the points pertinent to you and your business are:
1. South Africa targets

Reduction in greenhouse gases of 34% by 2020 and 42% by 2025 below business as usual scenario.
2. The use of incentives and disincentives

A carbon tax “including thorough regulation and the use of economic and fiscal measures to promote behaviour change that would support the transition to a low carbon society and economy.”
3. Commerce and manufacturing industries

A climate change action plan to be compiled and published detailing short, medium and long-term actions that are to be measurable, reportable and verifiable.
4. Annual mandatory submission of greenhouse gas emission data

To the National Atmospheric Emission Inventory by ‘significant emitters’ by 2013.
5. Energy efficiency and electricity demand-side management initiatives

To be scaled up through the setting of ambitious and mandatory targets.

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