How TomTom Telematics Is Blurring The Lines Between Your Fleet And The...

How TomTom Telematics Is Blurring The Lines Between Your Fleet And The Office


There was a time in fleet management when just being able to track and monitor your trucks was good enough. When a dot on a screen and a complex flow of raw data was all you had to run your fleet. But those days are dead.

In 2015 it is all about clear and filtered intelligence and the precise management of both your crew and your cargo. But even more importantly, it’s about integrating and immersing your fleet into not only your own office but the offices of your customers; it’s about blurring the lines between the metal and flesh of your vehicles and the bricks and mortar of your business.

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Welcome to the greatest evolutionary change to hit the fleet management industry in decades.

1. Business Integration

TomTom Telematics allows fleet operators to assimilate their own customer service, planning, dispatch and finance systems into TomTom WEBFLEET. Not only does this streamline and consolidate key business functions, but it allows for seamless and measurable service delivery.

Important business functions thus blend together eliminating outdated and inefficient silo functioning. Advantages of this include reduced staffing costs, more efficient administration, quicker turnaround times and vastly improved service levels.

2. Live Navigation

Drivers are navigated based on live traffic ensuring driver safety, improved delivery times and reduced running costs.

Apart from the financial and environmental benefits of this, customer service levels are greatly enhanced.

3. In-Cab Communication

Office personnel communicate directly to drivers via sophisticated in-cab screens eliminating the costs and dangers of traditional cellular communication. This results in a streamlined and auditable communication trail for both driver and support staff.

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4.Smart Reporting

At the click of a button, detailed reports and fleet dashboards identify key truck health issues and driver deficiencies that can be addressed to save time, improve safety and reduce both fuel and maintenance costs.

5. Direct Driver-Office Interface

TomTom Telematics now makes it possible for drivers to remain connected to the office like never before resulting in a more agile service delivery. Gone are the days of office staff being unable to contact and update drivers on schedules.

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